19/50. Advice by Crimer.


  1. Dana

    make a fake email, and stalk exes.

  2. Dana

    also, lower your standards.

  3. Dana

    have another slice.

  4. James

    This is a good one.

  5. Steffanie

    Spit in a cop’s face daily.

  6. Steffanie

    Sleep your way to the top.

  7. Steffanie

    Seatbelts are for wimps.

  8. Steffanie

    Jump in front of moving buses.

  9. Steffanie

    God likes when you use his name in vain.

  10. Steffanie

    Taunt pit bulls.

  11. Steffanie

    Act a fool.

  12. Steffanie

    Funerals are the best places to clip your toenails.

  13. Debbi

    Invite Matty K on a wine tour.

  14. Simone

    If it sounds too good to be true, buy it.

  15. Bob

    Aspirations lead to disappointment.

  16. M

    Screw hard work, embrace instant gratification

  17. Cosmo

    If it’s yellow, let it mellow.
    If it’s a brown, keep it around.

  18. James

    At time I feel poop jokes are merely low hanging fruit, at other times, I feel they’re just as brilliant as any story or satire. You Cosmo, have nailed it.

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