7/50. Advice by Rod.


  1. Dana

    Pull my finger.

  2. Jade

    Smoke sixty-one cigaretttes every day.

  3. Carlton

    If you can’t beat ‘em, cheat ‘em.

  4. Andre

    If at first you don’t succeed, you probably shouldn’t have started in the first place

  5. Ruby

    Give up your dreams and watch more Jersey Shore.

  6. Matt

    Self-loathing and fear are the keys to happiness.

  7. Matt

    Always play with snakes.

  8. Matt

    Don’t spoil your children by listening to them.

  9. Matt

    If it hurts keep doing it.

  10. Matt

    Blaming your partner is what it means to love.

  11. Matt

    Friendship is a competition.

  12. Johan

    A thimble of mercury a day keeps the doctor away!

  13. Nancy Laurence

    Eat sixty servings of wall paint a day. Or jeez eat sixty servings of Old Paint a day. And when you’re finished with him, eat sixty servings of Old Spice.

  14. Sunny

    Frowning burns more calories than smiling, but scowling burns the most of all.

  15. Freddy

    Sometimes it’s ok not to wipe.

  16. Simone

    If it ain’t broke, you didn’t play with it hard enough.

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