41/50. Advice by James.

As a way of saying thank you to those who have participated thus far, I’ve prepared some gifts to be sent out.But I need you address! Send it to james.t.edmondson@gmail.com.

SPOILER ALERT: The gift is very small and screenprinted. If that sounds like something that won’t appeal to you, I’m sorry, I just can’t do any better.

If you haven’t commented, but you would like a gift, here is your big chance! Hit me with some bad advice asap, and then tell me your address. It’s not too late!

Thank you all for reading the bad advice so far, and making this site reach it’s horrible potential.


  1. shanimalschool

    smother em to keep em close.

  2. Larry

    How to remember the lines of the treble clef for reading sheet music:


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