35/50. Woods of Wisdom presents Kid Stuff.


  1. Dana


    People really like it when you reference your other friends.

  2. Dana


    Just go to beauty school.

  3. Dana


    Babies save marriages.

  4. Dana

    Dance like everyone is watching.

  5. Dana

    Love like the person you love doesn’t love you.

  6. Dana

    Sing like people can’t hear you. Loud.

  7. Dana

    Live like there’s no such thing as Hell. ‘Cause there isn’t.

  8. Dana

    Pick a clutch word and use it to death. Clutch.

  9. Dana


    Pick an epic word and use it to death. Epic.

  10. Zoe

    My hair is fucking bright red now

  11. James

    Cause your sister has been licking it?

  12. Dana

    Never ever ever take no for an answer.

  13. Dana

    Beat a dead horse, literally.

  14. Dana

    Show that girl you like her, grab her ass.

  15. Dana

    Memorize a movie and then watch it with all your friends. They’ll be impressed by how much you sound like the characters.

  16. Alison

    Tip: extremely tight clothes make you look skinny.

    Tip: budget fudget

    Tip: sex=love

  17. Andrew

    Communication never helps. Keep your feelings inside.

  18. Andrew

    You really do drive better after about five beers.

  19. Andrew

    Go on and live like you’re terrified, of everything.

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