34/50. Advice by Larry.

Alright. So I wasn’t going to set this in wood, because contrary to what the rest of this project suggests, I don’t have the time. BUT, I liked how weird it was, so it gets a post. This does not give liscence to you long winded commenters to finally cut loose. Brevity remains the soul of wit, so keep your jokes concise.
Get weird,
WoW Moderation Staff


  1. Suz

    If they can’t understand you just speak louder. or
    If they can’t understand you, yell.

    Never trust a man with poodles.

  2. helen

    Always accept candy from strangers who walk their cats on leashes.

  3. Dana

    Font looks good Jimmy.

  4. Evan

    If life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your eye, life is pain.

  5. Leon Phelps

    Start a staring contest with a stranger when on public transit, some good might come of it.

  6. Dick VanDyke

    Play “rock, paper, scissors” for shots of tequila.

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