33/50. Advice by Bob.


  1. janis

    Actually, you should take it personally.

  2. stevie

    give to get.

  3. katrina

    watch more tv

  4. Connor

    Be heard, post a comment.

  5. Connor

    Tip: Rollerblade!…Hard

  6. James

    Hahahahahaha! Rollerblade has gotta be the best so far!

  7. Connor

    Accept the unacceptable. It’s for the better.

  8. Connor

    Better to fit in than be original.

  9. Connor

    Avoid challenges…hard!

  10. stevie


Leave worse advice

Must be original. Must be terrible.

Think, "Is this telling someone to do something awful?"

Should not simply be the opposite of good advice. "Run with scissors" isn't as interesting as "Watch one Rob Schneider movie every day."